Can someone tell me what “Sustainable Living” means?

narayan k murthy

I have been coming across so much recently about sustainability, organic living, social responsibility, local consumption and many such delightful terms.  Often I wonder, if these terms have a consistent understanding among people; Starting with myself, do I even know what I mean by these words?

Thinking deeply on the term, “sustainability” – Ecologically, it is about how our bio-diversity can be enhanced and preserved;  Socially, it is promoting equality and well being within our communities; and both these need to be met with the economic demands and constraints of the society.

If the last paragraph sounded a bit academic, my apologies!

So, what does one mean by sustainable living?  I guess whatever day-to-day living choices we make should promote ‘sustainability’ as defined earlier one way or other.   My living choices need to be affordable (economical), should benefit someone around me (social) and not degrade the environment directly or indirectly (ecological).

Couple of years…

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