Social Commerce – Could it be a lot more than just a buzzword?

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narayan k murthy

The term ‘Social Commerce’ has been around for a while; and of late it has been a topic of intrigue for me – especially for its use in my current effort to build a marketplace for producers and consumers of eco-friendly products.

To facilitate commerce of any products or services, buyers and sellers need to come together.   For a ‘win-win’ transaction to occur, buyers should recognize the value of what they intend to purchase and sellers need to feel that they got a fair value in return.

Well, it does not happen that easily in most cases, certainly not in the retail area that I am promoting in India.  Often, my consumers don’t even know what they want; even if they do, don’t know how to get or utilize them; and most suppliers that produce great products do not know how to market those.

It will greatly help, if there…

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