Cold-Pressed Oils We Use in Indian Lifestyle

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narayan k murthy

Any oil loses its nutritional value when heated.  Any cold-pressed oil, if used incorrectly can actually be more harmful than refined oils


Ever since I published a brief note on olive oil on Facebook, I have had several questions and requests to write on other vegetable oils.  So, here is my attempt to educate myself and pass on my knowledge …

I see several organic food product suppliers promoting and pushing unrefined ‘Cold-pressed’ oils over the usual refined oils in the name of health; however there appears to be a significant lack of awareness and misconceptions among both consumers and suppliers about their nutritional benefits and usage.

Let’s understand what an oil is –

Oils are primarily grain-based or nut-based extractions, which contain saturated and unsaturated fats, oleic acid and some vitamins and nutrients.  While oils are usually liquids, they tend to solidify at cooler temperatures.  When an oil is…

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