My Personal Leadership Conundrum

narayan k murthy

I have co-founded 3 companies to-date.  I have been continually learning along this journey on how to influence and lead; what it takes to influence and inspire people around me; and that it takes a lot more than personal intelligence, compassion, business network and knowledge/skills to become an effective influencer and leader.

Well, it seems I have a long way to go in this quest for the holy grail!


Before discussing what leadership means to me, I would like to deliberate on two key elements – 1) Ego and 2) Self-awareness, which I believe are core to understanding leadership.

Ego, based on what I have gathered is simply our sense of self OR our self-image of our personality.  In reality, this is never the same as what others perceive us to be.  And, when I say self-awareness, I just feel that it is being conscious about our capabilities, deficiencies and…

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