Is Living Healthily an Expensive Proposition?

narayan k murthy

The other day, I was meeting a supplier who brought with him a few organic food product samples.  We were meeting in a crowded coffee shop in Secunderabad on a rainy evening.

Very soon we realized that our conversation and the table filled with organic product samples was catching the attention of people in the adjoining table.   Unable to contain his curiosity, a middle-aged gentleman from the next table got up and came over to have a conversation –

“Sir, can you tell me, why these organic food items are 2 to 3 times expensive?”

And without waiting for my answer, immediately followed it up with, “I am diabetic, can you tell me if eating organic food help me?”


I keep getting such questions all the time and feel like I am getting better in answering such questions every time, but the other person probably leaves still unconvinced.

Yes, to…

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